Clover Island Yacht Club

Board of Directors

Commodore - Ryan Smith


My wife Chayo and I have been members of the CIYC for 13 years now.  I have been an avid boater in the Tri-Cities almost all my life and enjoy the privilege and convenience that being a member the CIYC brings to my family as well as all of the friendships and good times we have experienced at CIYC.  My goals this year are to ensure transparency within the CIYC, protect the goals and values of the club, and ultimately help make the CIYC a place where we can all come to have fun and enjoy each other.



Vice-Commodore - Mike Bass



My wife Kerry and I have been active members of CIYC for over 5 years.  In September of 2014 we purchased our first boat.  In March of 2015 we were invited to our first party at CIYC and quickly recognized the endless amount of knowledge and experience of the yacht club members.  It only took a few days for us to decide we wanted to join.  I look forward to helping to improve, manage, maintain and grow the yacht club!


Secretary - Julia Cunningham

My husband Larry and I have been active members of Clover Island Yacht Club since 2006 and have hosted parties and cruises as well as enjoyed many lazy days rafted up with friends around the beautiful Columbia and Snake Rivers.  While I have lived in many locations across the U.S., I have come to love this area, and am happiest when I am on or near the water.  I am pleased to commit my time and talents to shaping CIYC as we enter the next decade of its storied existence.

Docks Director - Mike Rhodes


A few years ago, I purchased my first boat, a 34' cruiser, and needed a home for her.  I was invited by a work associate and club member to join CIYC.  My family and I were welcomed with open arms and I have never felt more like family than I have here.  I am excited to be a member of the Board of Directors because I want to make a difference in seeing the spirit and camraderie of this great club continue for many years!

Cruise & Entertainment Director - Mike Goodwin


My wife, Tina, and I have enjoyed the great facilities, the great weather, and the great people of CIYC since 2006.  We were fortunate to have been included in club functions long before we became members and were blown away by how everyone we met was so nice and welcoming.  How could you not want to be a part of something like that?  We bought our first cruiser in 2014. Since then we have become members of an incredible boating family that we feel blessed to be a part of.  I am thrilled that I finally have the time to dedicate to giving back to the club that has given us so much.  


Buildings & Grounds Director - Guy Steen


My wife, Cindy, and I joined CIYC officially in 2014 after having attended numerous functions as guests.  We started in Open Moorage and have since moved on to being boathouse owners.  I'm proud to belong to CIYC and will work hard toward making the club a place that we're all proud to bring our family and friends!


Past Commodore - Dan Bunn


My wife Kathie and I have been members for 25 years. I have served on the Board of Directors several times in the past, and look forward to again helping to govern the club.  I firmly believe that we're the best yacht club out there and we continue to prove that with our participation in activities, cruises, and social events.