Clover Island Yacht Club

Board of Directors

Commodore - Mike Bass


My wife Kerry and I have been active members of CIYC for over 7 years.  In September of 2014 we purchased our first boat.  In March of 2015 we were invited to our first party at CIYC and quickly recognized the endless amount of knowledge and experience of the yacht club members.  It only took a few days for us to decide we wanted to join.  I look forward to helping to improve, manage, maintain and grow the yacht club!


Vice-Commodore - Dave Hein



I've been affiliated with the Clover Island Yacht Club since the mid-eighties when my parents joined and I was introduced to boating as part of the club.  Some things were different back then - our clubhouse was older, our docks were wooden, and many boathouses had just a tarp for a door - but some things are still the same.  We are a great group of people with like-minded interests in boating!


Secretary - Mike Goodwin

My wife, Tina, and I have enjoyed the great facilities, the great weather, and the great people of CIYC since 2006.  We were fortunate to have been included in club functions long before we became members and were blown away by how everyone we met was so nice and welcoming.  How could you not want to be a part of something like that?  We bought our first cruiser in 2014. Since then we have become members of an incredible boating family that we feel blessed to be a part of.  I am thrilled that I finally have the time to dedicate to giving back to the club that has given us so much.

Docks Director - Mike Rhodes


A few years ago, I purchased my first boat, a 34' cruiser, and needed a home for her.  I was invited by a work associate and club member to join CIYC.  My family and I were welcomed with open arms and I have never felt more like family than I have here.  I am excited to be a member of the Board of Directors because I want to make a difference in seeing the spirit and camraderie of this great club continue for many years!

Cruise & Entertainment Director - Joel Don


Andrea and I joined the Clover Island Yacht Club in 2016 after attending a visitor's weekend as guests.  We have been boating the Columbia River area for years and we learned this is a great club of likeminded boaters.  I also realize that the Clover Island Yacht Club is a team effort to handle day to day operations to make it enjoyable for the members.  I'm looking forward to helping with that effort. 


Buildings & Grounds Director - Ryan Hadley


My wife Andrea and I joined CIYC in 2019 after being guests and meeting some great CIYC members at events.  We've enjoyed trips to Fishhook, Umatilla Landing Days, Pizza Pigouts, parties, progressive dinners and numerous Friday night BBQs.  We have tried to get involved as much as we can to be part of moving the club forward while balancing the traditions which we've all come to enjoy.


Past Commodore - Ryan Smith


My wife Chayo and I have been members of the CIYC for 16 years now.  I have been an avid boater in the Tri-Cities almost all my life and enjoy the privilege and convenience that being a member the CIYC brings to my family as well as all of the friendships and good times we have experienced at CIYC.  My goals are always to ensure transparency within the CIYC, protect the goals and values of the club, and ultimately help make the CIYC a place where we can all come to have fun and enjoy each other.